MediClean Disinfectant / Hand Sanitiser Solution 

During the sterilisation sweeps we use our own unique MediClean Disinfectant Solution which 
works the same as the Human Immune System. 

When the body comes under attack from invading bacteria and viruses, the immune system immediately responds. The body sends increased numbers of a specific white blood cell called a Neutrophil straight to the invasion site.

Once activated, these cells produce large amounts of a mixed oxidant solution which is effective in eliminating invading microbes and pathogens (Coronavirus). The oxidant produced by the white blood cells Hypochlorous acid or (HOCl) is amongst the most potent natural disinfectants. It is non-toxic to humans and is highly effective as an antimicrobial agent with rapid action.

The MediClean Disinfectant Solution has been tested as recently as 8th April 2020 and is certified to kill Coronavirus (Covid-19) and conforms to standards BS EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019.

As it is nontoxic there are no COSHH requirements and the solution can be sprayed during business hours without the need to seal off any areas. It is fast acting and takes just 2 minutes to take affect at room temperature. 


MediClean Disinfectant Solution is great for use in hand sanitiser stations. It is non alcohol based so is kind to the hands and can be used by all religions, in schools and in prisons.